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binding adj
1 executed with proper legal authority; "a binding contract"
2 hindering freedom of movement; "tight garments are uncomfortably binding" [syn: constricting]
3 causing constipation [syn: constipating]


1 the capacity to attract and hold something
2 strip sewn over or along an edge for reinforcement or decoration
3 the act of applying a bandage [syn: dressing, bandaging]
4 the front and back covering of a book; "the book had a leather binding" [syn: book binding, cover, back]

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  • /ˈbaɪndiŋ/
  • /"baIndiN/


  1. An item (usually rope, tape, or string) used to hold two or more things together.
  2. The spine of a book where the pages are held together.
  3. A finishing on a seam or hem of a garment
  4. The association of an identifier with a value.
  5. The association of a variable name with a storage location's content.


spine of a book


  1. Assigning something that one will be held to.
    This contract is a legally binding agreement.


assigning something that one will be held to


  1. present participle of bind


see bending


  1. bond, fixation
  2. knitting
  3. In the context of "lang=fo|grammar": definiteness


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Binding may refer to:
Binding may also refer to:
  • the characteristic of being legally binding
  • the effect of eggs or of flax in baking
  • the reversible association of molecules in pharmacology/biochemistry/chemistry, like the binding of a ligand to a receptor, or the binding of a metal ion by a chelator
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Smyth sewing, absolute, adhesive, affixation, annexation, attachment, authoritative, backing, bandage, bandaging, beading, bibliopegy, binder, binder board, bond, book cloth, book cover, book jacket, bookbinding, bookcase, bordering, bordure, canonical, case, casemaking, casing-in, clasping, cogent, collating, collating mark, combinative, communicating, compulsory, conclusive, conjunctive, connecting, connectional, connective, consistent, copulative, cover, de rigueur, decisive, decretory, dictated, didactic, dust cover, dust jacket, edging, entailed, envelope, envelopment, fastener, fastening, fimbria, fimbriation, final, flounce, folding, footband, formulary, frill, frilling, fringe, furbelow, galloon, gathering, gift wrapping, girding, gluing-off, good, hard and fast, hard binding, hard-and-fast, headband, hem, hooking, imperative, imperious, imposed, inevitable, instructive, intercommunicating, involuntary, irrevocable, jacket, joining, just, knot, lashing, lawful, legal, legitimate, library binding, ligation, lining, lining-up, linking, list, logical, mandated, mandatory, mechanical binding, meeting, motif, must, necessary, niggerhead, obligatory, official, peremptory, perfect binding, plastic binding, preceptive, prescribed, prescript, prescriptive, regulation, required, rounding, rubric, ruffle, saddle stitching, self-consistent, selvage, sewing, side sewing, signature, skirting, slipcase, slipcover, smashing, soft binding, solid, sound, spiral binding, splice, stamping, standard, stapling, statutory, sticking, substantial, sufficient, tailband, tieing, tipping, trimming, ultimate, valance, valid, weighty, well-founded, well-grounded, welt, wire stitching, without appeal, wrap, wrapper, wrapping, zipping
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